Clients who choose Il Bosco Degli Eventi for the organisation of their wedding are not just looking for a wedding planner, but a professional who builds a completely unique and personalised format from scratch. This includes studying the project from mood boards and decorations, to the location, choice of flowers and mise en place, entertainment and photographers, down to every segment of the day.


Your tailored wedding

The weddings organised by Il Bosco degli Eventi are meticulously planned and executed thanks to our experience as industry professionals, with a deep empathy and the ability to turn each couple's dream into a tangible reality.

Each wedding is enriched with themes and emotions that shine with creativity and originality, always reflecting the ideas of our clients.
From the outset, through detailed consultations, we examine the couple's preferences and delve into their tastes. This allows us to develop a mood that will guide the entire event. We work on all fronts, including studying the couple's appearance, planning decorations, and coordinating guest logistics.

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