Danila & Omar

Il Bosco degli Eventi is an event organisation agency based in the province of Como and specialising in the creation of customised events with impeccable attention to detail. The agency is committed to designing, planning and managing every aspect of an event.

Located in the green area of Brianza, the showroom and the business take their name from the forest surrounding the headquarters. This has allowed us to distinguish ourselves from other event creators and to communicate the variety of services and solutions we are able to offer.



The business revolves mainly around two aspects: creativity and organisation, which are balanced harmoniously by Danila and Omar. Omar takes care of event planning. He has great flair inspired by a passion for different artistic forms, and is accustomed to supervising and participating in the creative process, however, he also excels in the commercial and organisational aspect of the business, finding the right way to turn the proposals into reality on a practical level. He has been involved in organising events and trips since the earliest days of his career and provides Il Bosco Degli Eventi with his expertise and know how in the areas of selection, work coordination and construction of the timelines of the defined project.

Danila, on the other hand, is the inventive mind of the business. With professional training in fashion and tailoring, a passion for the visual arts and colour matching, as well as travel and nature, her work is inspired by a rich and fertile imagination that can be appreciated in original and apt mood boards, colour palettes and stylistic choices. Her creative intuitions are, however, also accompanied by strong logistical skills for materials and methodical care in the preparation of every type of event organised by Il Bosco Degli Eventi.



Il Bosco Degli Eventi’s working method is based on the organisation of customised events that are a match between ideas and available budget. For example, the label of wedding organiser is not particularly appropriate, as this definition implies a standardised and limiting formula. Instead, we are creators of experiences, and regardless of the concept chosen, every project we work on is unique and different from any other.

In this way, and also by taking advantage of the synergy and sensitivity in being able to read expectations and desires, it is possible to establish a relationship of respect and trust with customers, which allows sensory and aesthetic affinities to be identified immediately. Regardless of the style chosen, each event is always given an elegant and glamourous look and feel, thanks also to the collaboration with leading suppliers and partners in the events sector.